The Latest Mobile Robotic Solution from Adept

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Do you move material manually around your facility using hand carts? Leverage carts to organize and buffer parts for your assembly line? Move finished goods from your assembly line to the warehouse? Do your operators spend too much time moving material around when they could be more productive at their workstations?

Adept is proud to introduce a new mobile robotic solution for moving carts around large facilities. Our new Lynx® Cart Transporter:

  • - intelligently self-navigates, using Adept’s Lynx autonomous intelligent vehicle (AIV) base as its foundation 
  • - frees up personnel now tasked with moving carts for higher-value assignments 
  • - works safely around human counterparts 
  • - requires no facility modifications to deploy

Watch our introduction webinar to learn how the Lynx Cart Transporter improves efficiency and saves costs in warehouses, factories and other large facilities!


Please complete the form to view our introduction webinar.