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The need for smart panel building is rising exponentially, and Machine and Panel Builders must deliver and help their customers keep up with ways to do things faster, and less expensively.
Modularized, compact and easy to install components— and the trends and best practices in deploying them — are a powerful new way to stay competitive.  Learn how our Innovations in Panel building can help you reduce wiring and panel size all while increasing reliability and profits.

Download our 3 volume Control Panel design guides

Changes in the market require handling a wide variety of control panel issues. These design guides share the wealth of information and provides easy-to-understand descriptions of the knowledge required to solve these issues through concrete examples.

Some topics include:

Volume 1
Basic Guidelines for Control Panel Design, from Safety Standards
to Preventive Measures against Heat, High Humidity, and Ground Faults

Volume 2:
Control Panel Design from Motor Protective Measures, to Relay Selection, Colour Universal Design, and Saving Space.

Volume 3
Information on UL Certifications, to Differences in Terminals, Display Visibility, and Temperature Controller Applications

Download Control Panel
Design Guides!

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